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From Anonymous (Tulsa, Oklahoma, US) (24 Oct 2012 4:55pm) commenting on (813) 445-8288:
Tagged as [ Rude Crank Call ]

From No name (23 Oct 2012 4:38pm) commenting on (813) 445-8288:
I get calls from this number and when I tried to call it back I found that MY number is blocked, so they can call me but I cant call them. I then returned the favor.

From Anonymous (2 Oct 2012 2:45pm) commenting on (813) 445-8288:
Tagged as [ Annoying Hang-Up ]

From Jerry (1 Oct 2012 12:09pm) commenting on (813) 445-8288:
while visiting with copany this morning I received 7 calls within 20 minutes - no message left

From Vicky (20 Sep 2012 12:59pm) commenting on (813) 445-8288:
I work the phones for a help line, and 3 times, I have gotten calls from this #. When I answer, all I get is "Goodbye," and it sounds like the end of a recording.

From Anonymous (17 Sep 2012 6:59am) commenting on (813) 445-5126:
Tagged as [ Annoying Telemarketer ]

From Anonymous (11 Sep 2012 5:05pm) commenting on (813) 445-8288:
Tagged as [ Recorded Hang-Up ]

From Anonymous (20 Aug 2012 6:56pm) commenting on (813) 445-5126:
Tagged as [ Neutral Person ]

From Anonymous (11 Nov 2011 12:27pm) commenting on (813) 445-3858:
Tagged as [ Neutral Something ]

From Anonymous (Lutz, Florida, US) (1 Sep 2011 1:59pm) commenting on (813) 445-0300:
Tagged as [ Annoying Jerk-Face ]

From Anonymous (Lutz, Florida, US) (1 Sep 2011 1:59pm) commenting on (813) 445-0300:
Tagged as [ Rude Crank Call ]

From Anonymous (Lutz, Florida, US) (1 Sep 2011 1:59pm) commenting on (813) 445-0300:
Tagged as [ Annoying Crank Call ]

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Phone Number Directory, Page 4

Phone NumberFirst ProviderAssigned LocationUser-Submitted Data
813-445-5760Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-0910Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-8031Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-2626Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-1353Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-3002Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-1570Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-6656Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-9659Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-0041Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-2305Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-4611Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-6018Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
Phone NumberFirst ProviderAssigned LocationUser-Submitted Data
813-445-2130Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-6652Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-7192Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-1171Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-9319Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-8692Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-6803Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-9095Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-1868Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-4453Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-8697Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone
813-445-8964Metro PcsTampa, FloridaNone