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From Anonymous (Kannapolis, North Carolina, US) (17 Oct 2013 6:03pm) commenting on (706) 805-1775:
Tagged as [ Neutral Hang-Up ]

From Anonymous (, , CA) (16 Oct 2013 7:58pm) commenting on (706) 805-1776:
Tagged as [ Neutral Telemarketer ]

From Anonymous (Fort Collins, Colorado, US) (13 Jul 2013 2:47pm) commenting on (706) 805-1589:
Tagged as [ Annoying Hang-Up ]

From Anonymous (Denver, Colorado, US) (12 Jul 2013 3:29pm) commenting on (706) 805-1507:
Tagged as [ Awesome Something ]

From Blaine Rowland (9 Jul 2013 2:39pm) commenting on (706) 805-1572:
Stop calling me! I am on the national do not call list. This is my mobile number. I have called back numerous time and have requested to be placed on their do not call list. It didn't matter, they keep calling.

From Ed (6 Jul 2013 12:03pm) commenting on (706) 805-1589:
Repeated one ring calls separated by a few minutes.

From Anonymous (Lancaster, California, US) (5 Jul 2013 9:34pm) commenting on (706) 805-1594:
Tagged as [ Recorded Hang-Up ]

From Anonymous (Bakersfield, California, US) (5 Jul 2013 12:10am) commenting on (706) 805-1502:
Tagged as [ Annoying Hang-Up ]

From Pam (4 Jul 2013 1:37am) commenting on (706) 805-1504:
received hang up call from this number at 11:15 PM. Very annoying. called back recording came on to punch one to be taken off list.

From Lisa Smith (7 Sep 2012 2:12pm) commenting on (706) 805-0714:
A lady just me with an india accent saying I have won 9000 from us grant department. She wantned my credit to proceed with the funds. When I asked her to mail check to me or wire funds she got mad and hung up. This is a fraud as a suspected as was.

From bill (27 Aug 2012 6:37pm) commenting on (706) 805-0695:
missed call tried to return call and wastold by computer animated voice number was not in service.

From nancy dandrow (6 Jul 2012 2:19pm) commenting on (706) 805-2033:
repeated calls

From Chester Noble (26 Jun 2012 9:50am) commenting on (706) 805-1367:
They are calling me and hanging up

From Robin (21 Jun 2012 4:21pm) commenting on (706) 805-1364:
3 calls today without any one answering my picking up.

From Anonymous (15 Jun 2012 1:50pm) commenting on (706) 805-1133:
Tagged as [ Recorded Collections Agency ]

From Anonymous (15 Jun 2012 1:48pm) commenting on (706) 805-1133:
Tagged as [ Annoying Crank Call ]

From Anonymous (7 Jun 2012 1:45pm) commenting on (706) 805-1313:
Tagged as [ Annoying Something ]

From Anonymous (18 May 2012 11:13am) commenting on (706) 805-1313:
Tagged as [ Neutral Hang-Up ]

From Diane (10 May 2012 11:37am) commenting on (706) 805-1082:
I just received a phone call from the "United States Government Grant Department" stating that I was the receipient of a $7,000.00 grant because I had no criminal record, pay my taxes on time, and was not in bankruptcy. The woman who had an India accent told me I had to give them my debit card or my bank account number. I told her I would wait for a check. She then told me they could not send a check. When I asked her why, she became defensive told me "okay since you're not interested" and hung up on me.

From Anonymous (26 Mar 2012 11:10am) commenting on (706) 805-1205:
Tagged as [ Neutral Hang-Up ]

From Anonymous (28 Feb 2012 8:38am) commenting on (706) 805-1364:
Tagged as [ Recorded Something ]

From Anonymous (21 Feb 2012 10:14am) commenting on (706) 805-1133:
Tagged as [ Polite Something ]

From Anonymous (11 Feb 2012 7:58am) commenting on (706) 805-1332:
Tagged as [ Recorded Something ]

From joy (11 Jan 2012 3:43pm) commenting on (706) 805-1313:
This number called and I did not answer. They did not leave a message.

From Anonymous (31 Dec 2011 3:25pm) commenting on (706) 805-1367:
Tagged as [ Annoying Telemarketer ]

From Anonymous (29 Dec 2011 12:40pm) commenting on (706) 805-0702:
Tagged as [ Neutral Something ]

From Anonymous (28 Dec 2011 7:30am) commenting on (706) 805-0717:
Tagged as [ Rude Hang-Up ]

From R Simmons (22 Oct 2011 6:45am) commenting on (706) 805-0613:
Someone at this number called me at 6:27 A.M. October 22 - noone would say anything - very annoying

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Phone Number Directory, Page 1

Phone NumberFirst ProviderAssigned LocationUser-Submitted Data
706-805-2507Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-5327Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-9250Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-0810Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-8420Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-6526Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-8873Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-4409Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-0649Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-8122Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-1603Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-8482Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-1492Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
Phone NumberFirst ProviderAssigned LocationUser-Submitted Data
706-805-4802Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-2698Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-2761Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-0152Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-2399Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-9706Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-2238Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-9040Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-1394Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-1313Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, Georgia3 comment(s)/tag(s)
706-805-8974Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone
706-805-2079Swifttel Communications, Inc. - GaAthens, GeorgiaNone