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From amani (31 Dec 2011 3:31am) commenting on (713) 231-8944:
Amani Malkawi

From Anonymous (Houston, Texas, US) (18 Aug 2011 9:17am) commenting on (713) 231-6755:
Tagged as [ Neutral Something ]

From Allen (8 Feb 2011 2:41pm) commenting on (713) 231-7060:
Anyone believing this is a non-profit, government entity is a complete Moron! These are scammers with a bank of numbers, and they are breaking the law and violating 'Do Not Call' rules.

From NoPoliticsPlease (26 Jan 2011 7:36pm) commenting on (713) 231-7060:
Another phone number for this crew. These recorded calls are also coming from (713) 231-3326 and (713) 231-4243, so as soon as I block calls for one number, they've got another to use. Offering free, in-home, energy checks. Despite the idiot Barracuda posting, these calls can be serious aggravation.

From TexasBarracuda (24 Nov 2010 8:38am) commenting on (713) 231-3472:
I listened to the message, then "pressed 1" to speak with someone. The female rep claimed the National Energy Coalition is not subject to NDCL as they are a non-profit "contracted by hundreds of alternative energy producers" to educate consumers on how to save money through a "no-cost home energy audit." Primary message was "Aren't you tired of putting profit in energy companies pockets? Aren't you tired of being ripped off." Same message leftist message coming from the Obama cult. I challenged the female rep with information that I just negotiated a flat $0.10 kWh fate with Reliant energy, which is saving me 40% on my energy expense and I did it with a phone call. I stressed the value of free-market competition, and challenged the market value of wind energy as it is not viable without government subsidies, meaning my tax dollars. She hung up on me. Liberal socialist swine. Take time to listen to the message, press 1 and help educate THEM on the value of free-markets and the lies about renewable energy being more economical.

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Phone Number Directory, Page 1

Phone NumberFirst ProviderAssigned LocationUser-Submitted Data
713-231-5739Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-5069Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-1982Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-1968Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-4586Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-7885Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-2670Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-7357Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-3500Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-5457Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-3904Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-1116Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-4890Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
Phone NumberFirst ProviderAssigned LocationUser-Submitted Data
713-231-2541Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-0652Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-6496Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-8936Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-3826Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-9592Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-6423Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-2011Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-3297Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-9733Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-4219Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone
713-231-2881Aerial CommunicationsHouston, TexasNone