About PhoneJedi.com

Our goal is to be THE best source of freely available phone data on the internet.

Data, data, data. We aggregate data from a number of sources. We place all this data in one place so you don't have to hunt for it. We are data-dudes... that is what you came to our website for, right? Feel free to use our search engine, above. Enter any 10-digit phone number in North America—both cellular and land-lines—and we will find you all the information we can.

Free for reals! A lot of services claim to be free. We actually are. Check us out – do a search and see for yourself.

Our Start. PhoneJedi.com is the result of a couple college budies who got together to create something different, something better. We were sick of all those sites that claim to provide phone data but just end up teasing you. We hope you enjoy what we came up with.

Contact Us. Need to contact us? You can email us or send postal correspondance to:

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