Privacy Policy

Privacy is Important. takes privacy seriously. We respect your privacy. Here is a short description of the data we gather and how we use it.

Cookies. We use cookies, small files your browser stores on your computer, to track what pages are viewed most. Cookies help use create useful metrics and statistics about what pages are viewed and how often. This information is pseudo-anonymous (we have no idea who has what cookie stored) but is linked to your IP address. If you do not want to allow cookies on your browser, please refer to your browser's manual or help pages.

IP Address. IP addresses are generally anonymous in that there is no practical way to actually use an IP address to determine the idenitity of a site visitor without a court order. We do store IP addresses in our logs to help us with statistical data (e.g., to find popular entrance pages), to track abuse (e.g., attacks on the site), and to track potential errors. This data will not be given to any 3rd party. The only exception being upon a court order or in co-operation with law enforcement in instances where is the victim of a cyber attack.

Phone Numbers. Phone area codes and exchanges are derived from public information. Specific 10-digit phone numbers that appear on most pages are randomly created. Rest assured that this information is entirely annonymous and each number is as likely to be disconnected as it is to be in use. Just because it appears on our site doesn't mean that it is real. For this reason we cannot add/edit/remove these phone numbers.

Comments. Our users and visitors are invited to submit comments and complaints, in association with the author's name, regarding specific phone numbers. If a submited comment or complaint is offensive or grossly and delibrately inaccurate we will remove them upon request. Please note that we take no responsiblity for the content of the publicly submitted messages as they are solely the opinion of their original author. We have not verified the accuracy of any message submited to our website. Only a portion of all comments are moderated. Comments are collected over a variety of simliar web properties.